A growing number of consumers, whether homeowners or commercial businesses are actively seeking more sustainable products and services. Developing homes or commercial properties that are environmentally sound shows commitment to sustainability and can help you to and your customers to meet government targets for CO2 emissions and corporate social responsibility.

Our role in reducing the energy requirement of the homes and buildings in which we work goes beyond our own footprint, we can actively improve a building's energy usage by the clever use of materials which can drastically cut the heat lost from a building. In addition, through our subsidiary company, Oxbridge Solar, we offer excellent solar photovoltaic solutions for buildings which generate electricity and thereby earn money from the government's feed-in-tariffs.

By improving the way we work and the materials we use we can create good building design that we can be proud of for its energy efficiency and its impact on the wellbeing of the people who use it

Energy conservation will only continue to grow in importance. Earlier this year energy regulator, Ofgem warned the nation to expect 20% electricity price hikes by 2020, and warned future supplies were in jeopardy, so investing in good insulation and solar PV systems should pay for themselves many times over, and with solar PV will provide an assured power supply.


At Lloyd Davenport Limited we seek always to reduce materials and utilities wastage and actively recycle waste where possible and, when sourcing materials we try to use those with the greenest credentials and we try to manage our labour to ensure they travel the minimum distance to your project.